accessing analog input

Hello all,

I’m fairly new with the RMC controllers, so bear with me. I’m working on a setup with an RMC150 where I’ll be commanding four valves (axes), which will each have analog feedback via potentiometers, and there will also be several discrete inputs that enable/disable 4 main valves. I’m working on the programming part, but I’m good with RMCTools setup as far as this goes.

Where I’m stuck right now is that I also have an analog potentiometer as an input. I understand well enough where the pot will physically connect to the RMC150, but I’m not sure how I access the pot inside RMCTools. My initial thought was via the Variable Table, but then I’m not sure how to associate the pot to a particular register.

I have an RMC150 w/ 2 Analog H modules, plus the discrete I/O module.

Any help is appreciated!

In the Axis Definitions, add a Reference axis, and assign its input to be the potentiometer input. In the axis tools, you will then see that axis, and it will have an Actual Position.

Got it.

Thanks! :slight_smile: