CAD DXF data to RMC

If you need to get curve data from a DXF file into the RMC, it can be done with the help of various programs that extract DXF data. DXF Works from DeliCAD a simple and inexpensive program that can do this.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use DXF Works to extract the data to a text or csv file.
  2. Import the file into Excel.
  3. Manipulate the data as necessary.
  4. Copy the data from Excel to the Curve Tool in RMCTools. You can copy two rows or two columns and paste into the Curve Tool.

The DXF file format is an open specification. There are other programs that extract DXF data, there are many libraries available for those who wish to create their own programs, and many companies offer programming services for extracting DXF data.

I would be interesting to know how many people would be interested in coverting DFX programs directly to user programs.