cip connections

I am looking at a potential application for some RMC75 controllers. I am using an Allen-Bradley 1769-L32E PLC and communicating via ethernet i/p. My PLC can accomodate a max of 32 cip connections, so I am trying to add up the maximum potential cip connections for my entire system to make sure I am under the limit.

How many cip connections would it take for my L32E to interface with qty. 2 RMC75?

Info from a private email that Bruce Coons the regional Delta sales manager sent me:

That is the info I was looking for.

More info can be found in the on-line help.
Go to the index and search for Ethernet/IP. At the bottom of the page there is a section on the number of connections available
There is more if you search for multiple connections. It is possible to have a couple of HMIs consuming data too.
If I read the request your are concerned that each axis requires a connection but the PLC only needs one per RMC. One customer had one Control Logix controlling 30 RMC75Es ( 60 axes ) no problem. … onics-0217

My concern was that each RMC may require more than one connection. For instance, a remote rack of A/B point I/O requires 1 cip connection for all the digital I/O modules combined plus 1 connection for each analog or speciality module. I have 3 racks in my system that each use between 4 and 6 connections. Likewise, a PanelView+ takes 5 cip connections to communicate with my PLC. If each RMC took 5 connections like my PanelView+, I’d exceed my PLC’s connection limit and have major issues!

The project you referenced where one cutomer had a single ControlLogix controlling 30 RMC75s sounds pretty neat! However, it is different because you can add multiple ethernet modules to the ControlLogix rack. Each module will accomodate either 64 or 128 connections depending on the exact part number of the module. In my case, I am using the low-end CompactLogix L32E which only has a single built-in ethernet port that has a max of 32 cip connections. I can not add additonal ethernet modules to the L32E.

Hope this makes sense.