CompactLogix MSG

I am not getting communications set-up correctly in a message in CompactLogix. Here is what I am trying “1, LocalENB, 2,”

  1. Can you ping the RMC?
  2. Hopefully you have an Ethernet cable that you know works
  3. What is the IP address of the RMC, the PLC and your laptop?
  4. We have example programs. I don’t think we have one specifically for the CompactLogix but you should be able to copy and paste the rungs with the MSG blocks from a Control Logix block into a Compact Logix blocked and then tweak the blocks so the compact logix accepts them.
  5. I know that one of our guys has a compact logix with about 8 or 10 RMCs connected to it. I will ask tomorrow.

I am talking to the PLC over the network, and developing the HMI that software is on an other network. I am having no comms issues there. The PLC is the RMC is the laptop get assigned a address in the same range.
Perhaps the problem is with the message block. I am using your ControlLogix example thing it would be the same for the CompactLogix. I will check that out thanks.

FYI I was trying to make it too hard. All it needs is. “LocalENB, 2,”