Curve Advanced

What is the criteria for the master register to be out of range? For example in my system we are using hydraulic cylinders and when the actuator is at rest the position fluctuates around a tenth of an inch. Would this hyrdraulic fluctuation cause a problem?

I think this depends on your system requirments.

Is the master of the curve the axis that is 1/10th out of position? That seems like a lot but it depends on your system. If it is the master, you could use the target position and not the actual position for the master. This would help with smoothing the other axis in the curve however may not keep everything in sync with the actual position of the master.

Any limits to the system would be setup by you in the autostop bits. You would have a position window made by the position error settings. When an axis is out of this window then it will stop any or all axis that are in the group.

Many of our customer extend the curves so that the master can never be out of range. This means they need to extend the curve so it is valid over the range of the master.
If you do go outside the valid master range the results depend on the curve at the end point. If the curve is accelerating then the axis will fault. It is best if you can extend the curve out so that the acceleration, gear ratio rate, is 0 and it is best if the velocity, gear ratio, is 0 too.
Hydraulic cylinders should oscillate 0.1 inch. A couple thousandths, maybe, but not a tenth of an inch.

You can also control the endpoint behavior with the Options paramter in the Curve Start Advanced Command. If you choose Extrapolate or Truncate, you will excperience no problems if the master exceeds the endpoints.

That last method assisted me tremendously. Thank you.