Displacement or force is sinusoidal with time, triangle, trapezoid, etc

We have no hydraulic engineers and are not familiar with hydraulics, so we must choose electric drives and servo motors with only one axis.

Maximum speed (mm / s): 0-200
Load range (kN): 0-5
Working frequency (Hz): 0-5
When the frequency is 1HZ, the amplitude is 5MM
When the frequency is 5HZ, the amplitude is 1MM

Displacement and time are sine, triangle, custom and other waveforms
Force into time sine, triangle, user-defined and other waveforms, a load cell is installed on the load.
The two modes do not operate simultaneously.

Can Delta RMC control electric drives and servo motors to complete such work requirements?
Position control: cyclic sine movement, cyclic triangle movement, cyclic trapezoidal movement, etc.
Force control: cycle sine curve, cycle triangle curve, cycle trapezoid curve, etc.
These two modes need to be switchable, but they do not work simultaneously.


Sorry for the slow reply. Yes, Delta RMCs can control electric drives and servo motors for servo sine, triangle, and trapezoidal signals. The RMCs have command for a sine wave, and we have user program examples for triangle and trapezoidal signals. The user program examples are here: https://forum.deltamotion.com/t/signal-generator-square-sawtooth-triangle/95

To control electric drives, the RMC sends a +/-10V command signal to the drive, so your drive must have a +/-10V analog input for a velocity command.