Can i Know Does the efficiency of the refiner machine increased by replacement of LVDT by MDT or by Replacement of Servo amplifier by the RMC70.

I’ll be glad to answer your questions, but I need a bit more detail. What exactly is the machine?

In general, if you are considering using a magnetostrictive displacement transducer (MDT), we suggest using one with SSI output, since that provides much better resolution and noise immunity. How much the efficiency increases depends on many factors, and we would need a lot more detail about the machine to have any idea.

For electromechanical systems (electric motors), the RMC70 does not necessarily replace servo amplifiers, since the RMC does not provide the power to the motor. The RMC outputs a +/- 10V control signal that the amplifier converts to current in the motor. However, the RMC works very well together with an amplifier to control motors.

The Machine we are dealing with is the Refiner used in the [b]Paper mill[./b]

I think what KiranKumarDV is getting at is that refining requires a lot of energy and is one of the most energy intensive parts of making paper.

An MDT doesn’t increase the efficiency in the true sense of work done/energy input. However the MDT rod with SSI feed back allows for very fine position control so one has more control over the gap between the plates. This allows one to adjust the gap precisely so that power consumption can be reduced while still maintaining an acceptable amount of ‘refining’. LVDTs usually can’t provide resolutions down to microns and if they could the resolution is lost in the noise.

Other things that a motion controller can do is dynamically optimize the position of the plates. This requires extra feed back devices. For instance a power or torque feedback so the plate gap can be adjust on-the-fly. I think this feature would have a greater affect on the power usage than just changing the feedback device.