Master-Slave Control using the RMC75

Is there a specific tool or recommended method to create a “Master-Slave” control arrangement between two axes being controlled by an RMC75? We may want to have the Target Position generated by the PID control algorithm for one axis be “transmitted” or passed to another axis during certain machine operations. Is this possible?

Yes, there are several ways to do this. The obvious and most general way is to use one of the gearing commands. In this case the slave specifies the master target or actual position register and a gear ratio. There are several ways of ramping the gear ratio so there are a few different commands. This will work but there may be simpler options.

It would be best to know exactly what you want to do. From your description it looks like you are only interested in one to one gearing where the master and slave make exactly the same move. For instance, most people just want two axes to start at the same place and get the a different place at the same time using the same motion profile. This can be easily done by just issuing the same command to both axes at the same time. The RMC generates the exact same target profile for both axes. Make sure both axes are in the same halt group too. This way if one axes faults the other will fault and stop too.

I use gearing all the time and it works just as Peter say’s. If your working on a new application you should download the software and connect to the online RMC’s. Then you can see just how it works.