Older RMC75S controller firmware update

Can the most recent version of firmware be installed on an older RMC 75S? The Hardware version is 2.1, and the firmware version is 2.73A-S4. Thank you.

No, it cannot. The latest firmware can only be installed in RMC75S version 2.1D or newer. Your versions 2.73-S4 is only for RMC75S versions 2.1C or older, which means that yours is too old for the latest firmware.

Thank you. I thought that was the answer, but better safe than sorry.

By the way, RMCTools will only allow downloading of firmware that is compatible with the hardware, so you will probably never have to be sorry :slight_smile:

Jacob, is there a summary description of the differences between Rev 2.1C and 2.1D controllers? I just took delivery of 10 new controllers and they are 2.1D. Thank you.

You can look at the release notes for the RMC70 which may give you an idea: http://www.deltamotion.com/files/rmc70_fw.html. You will notice that release 3.00 removed support for RMC75S 2.1C or older, so any new features added since then are not supported on the 2.1C.