Open loop rate and open loop absolute

Hello, I upgraded one our RMC 100 to a 150E. I did it so I could put a UI/O card where the Ethernet card was on the rack. I added an absolute encoder over ssi.
In the past on this machine the X axis was moved with a direct output and to stop it a zero was put into the speed to stop it. I wanted to change this to closed loop control.
This X axis moves back and forth over 300 inches. A chain is looped around 2 sets of jack shafts and attached to the moveable. The chain is so sloppy I have tried tried and tried, but I just can’t get the controller to stop over shooting.
So I was going to run it open loop. From how I read the help files open loop absolute is a stopping command at position.
So I tried starting the motion with a open loop rate command and then change the command to absolute. I wanted to use the at volocity status to change the command, but that status is not an option.
So in my PLC just to see if it works. I used a little timer to change the command and it didn’t work.
Could someone help understand how to use the open loop absolute command. Thanks.

I have used the open loop rate before but I have never used the open loop absolute. I’m sure someone from Delta can help you with that. I would suggest you look at using a quick move absolute (15). It will ramp the output and hold the output through the move. Then when the axis gets close it goes back into closed loop control to stop in position. Hope this helps.

Hey thanks will it move the axis from a stopped position?

Some way some how I have to make it run tomarrow. No support on weekends/Holidays

Yes it will move from a stopped position and it will hold hold the final position in closed loop when it is done.

I love Delta Don but he has not gave me his home number yet, He should if I could make this machine run like I said I could Delta would get ,in time, orders for 10 CPU upgrades. 5 UI/O cards and 6 complete systems to replace the DMX cards now used,

Thank you Mr. M

I have to thank you again Charles. That was the answer. The machine is running great.