Plotting Pressure

I have a dual input differential force axis and the setting in the RMC is set for force like it should be. I want to plot my individual pressures from both my transducers though. Is there anyway to do this besides changing the axis definitions? I haven’t seen any axis parameters for just pressure while I have dual input.

Yes, you can plot the individual pressures. The status registers for the individual pressures are in the Status Registers pane, on the All tab, in the Pressure/Force/Accel Feedback section. They are the Channel A and Channel B items.
When adding a plot item, browse to Axis n > Status > Feedback - Secondary (or Feedback primary, depending on your axis type).

I’ve checked there. The closest thing they have there is Channel Current. There is also Raw Counts but no individual pressure registers. This is under my primary feedback under the status of my axis.

Oh, yes, I’m sorry. The RMC only shows the Channel A and Channel B forces and currents (or volts), not the pressures.
However, the pressure should be directly proportional to the force, so plotting that will give you a good idea of what it is.
You can make a user program that is always running that calculates the pressures each loop time and stores it in variables. You can then plot the variables. See the example below, where Pressure0 and Pressure0 are variables in the Variable Table.