New Feature: Custom Feedback!

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New Feature: Custom Feedback!

Postby Jacob Paso » Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:37 pm

Custom feedback is an exciting new feature. In addition to using the direct value of feedback connected to the RMC, you can use as feedback any value that can be calculated. This enables a number of applications, including:

  • Controlling to the sum, difference, or average of feedback devices
    Custom feedback makes it possible to control to the sum of the forces of multiple hydraulic cylinders, control the difference between two actuators, or control the average of actuator positions.

  • Switching feedback
    Switching feedback for an axis is useful in certain testing applications, or for using several transducers to provide the desired resolution over the range of the feedback.
    For details, see Switching Feedback.

  • Feedback linearization
    Feedback linearization refers to either "straightening" the output of a transducer to make up for its nonlinearity, or calculating the measurement of some point that is geometrically related to the transducer measurement, such as calculating the end of a swing arm based on the position of the cylinder that moves the swing arm.
    Feedback linearization can de done using curves or a mathematical formula. For details, see Feedback Linearization.

  • Redundant feedback
    If one of multiple feedback devices fails, the system can continue operating without interruption.
    For details, see Redundant Feedback.
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