Log a trend to a file continuously using LabView?

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Log a trend to a file continuously using LabView?

Postby ndzied1 » Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:10 pm


I'm looking for an example of continuous logging to a file in LabView for a testing system we are working on. The Delta example provided in LabView is very nice but while it has a button to save data to a file, it is currently not implemented.

My hope was to setup a plot in RMCTools and then just use the RMC Read Trend block in LabView to spit out the data that I could log using the Write Measurement to File block. But the Read Trend block seems to spit data out in chunks so when it gets put into the data file it's not in a format that can later be pulled out to show the graph.

Now I'm pretty new to LabView so I'm hoping I'm just missing something.

Any help or examples of continuously logging a trend to a data file in LabView greatly appreciated.
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