4-20 sensor shared between RMC & other device

We are working on a system that does a pressure control axis and also has a labview setup that the customer uses to record data over long periods of time.

In the past we have used a voltage transducer tee-ed the + and - to the RMC and the labview input but I was wondering if a current transducer might be better because the same exact signal gets to both devices.

Is there any reason the wiring in the attached drawing would not work.

I’m not familiar enough with the LabView interface to the RMC to know if it is suitable for continuous polling at 1 msec for data logging.

Current.pdf (201 KB)

I believe your wiring diagram will work, assuming the sensor is able to handle a 500 Ohm resistance.

LabVIEW can typically trend a plot from the RMC at 1 msec loop time without any problems. It depends on the processing power and network bandwidth, of course, but is typically doable with any PC. Trying to trend 8 plots simultaneously gets to be a problem. Our LabVIEW drivers include trending examples.