about difference bettween online and offline

How should i konw all of the difference between online and offline?

When the cpu power off to power on, every time, rmctool display ,see the attachment.


I think the problem is that some settings were not saved to flash before you cycled power. Make sure to download all, then save to flash. Then, after cycling power, there should not be any differences.

thank you for your reply。

I tested it. some time There will still be a problem。

I want to know what’s the difference.but i cant find the the difference.

I try to use “compare to controller” see attachment,but nothing occurs。

There are a few situations that could cause that. One is if certain settings are used with PROFINET. You can send your RMCTools project to support@deltamotion.com and we can look at it.

I send the project to the email.

Another question
when Yellow warning triangles appear, what two parts is different?
THe online project and the project in ram of rmc150? or ram project and flash project?

The online project and the project in RAM in the RMC.