About dither -amplitude and dither -frequency

Some other brand hydraulic motion control. Including amplitude and dither -frequency parameter。

Does Rmctool Consider this parameter ? what‘s the function of the two parameter in the hydraulic motion control?

No, because it isn’t necessary with newer valves. Dither was common back in the 1980s but the servo valves weren’t as good then. We didn’t have dither on our previous generation controller and no one missed it. If a valves is not going to move when provide a few percent of control output then it should be used for servo motion control.

To keep the valve spool from sticking. Dither isn’t necessary when moving. Modern valves shouldn’t stick.
Our controller has a derivative and second derivative gain that will keep always keep the output changing a little in response to the actuator trying to drift off the set point. If the effect of dither is desired then turn up the derivative gain. If the output filter is in use then increase the filter frequency or turn the output filter off.