about Filtering simulator

There are Several fliter mode in the rmc。
I want to simulator the filter。
STEP=5 mode=low pass, Filter=10HZ
i want the result by simulator. What math soft should i select.
Like the attachment.
Filter mode.JPG

This is basically how we do it. This is a linear simulation.
deltamotion.com/peter/Mathcad/Ma … %20ODE.pdf
However, there are practical limitations that you will run into.
In other words it works well in a simulation but it real life more is required.

This is a much more detailed and hydraulically accurate simulation. Notice that the load increases at 0.8 seconds and we can simulate how the controller will react to the change in load.
deltamotion.com/peter/Mathcad/Ma … linder.pdf
This kind of simulation is much better for sizing pumps, accumulators, valves etc.

There is a lot of good stuff in this directory