About Mean Squared Error

In the manual reference that"The Mean Squared Error is typically used during manual tuning as a measure of how close the Actual Position, Velocity, Pressure or Force is tracking the Target." and “The Mean Squared Error is the average of the square of the difference. The difference between each sample is squared, and the average of all the differences is the MSE.”

There are two question
1: following error can replace Mean Squared Error . I think following error is better than Mean Squared Error, is it?
2:what average of the square of the difference including ? Actual Position, Velocity or else for positioning axes?

  1. They can both be used, however, I don’t use the Mean Squared Error. I look at the plot and see if the position is tracking, and if the velocity is tracking, and how much they are oscillating.

  2. The Mean Squared Error is for the error between the Target and Actual Position. However, when adding quantities to the plot, you can create a mean squared error of any item.