about pos error tolerance

In a good hydralic system What is the minimum of pos error tolerance may be providing?

In the previous project ,the 2mm is the better in other motioncontroler , fox example siemens scout.

other motioncontroller there is a delay time when the axis outside of the pos error tolerance,the rmc don’t have the parameter?

The minimum position error tolerance depends on many factors. At high velocities, it will be greater than when holding position. It also depends on the load.
We have a cylinder here that is 2 in. bore, 24 in. stroke, and it can be tuned so that the position error is less than 0.003 in. ( 0.08 mm) during motion, and less than 0.0002 (0.005 mm) when holding position. The system has a SSI sensor with 1 micrometer resolution, a high-performance linear valve mounted on the cylinder, and up to 500 lb load.

No, the RMC does not have a time delay parameter for the position error tolerance. If it is needed, it is possible to make a user program that monitors the Following Error bit with a delay, then halts the axis.