about PosOvertravel and cfgerr

rmc150 Often occrus PosOvertravel and cfgerr, specially in power on。 see attachment 1.png

axis status and axis parameter see the attachment.

When i use clear all faults,the error miss.

I see the Explanation of error bit,but i cant undstand why the error occur。


The Positive Overtravel occurs because the Actual Position or Target Position exceeded the Positive Travel limits. This may be because the axis drifted, or maybe it took the transducer longer to power up than the RMC, so the transducer was not giving the RMC a valid position.

For the configuration error, look in the Event Log.

Thanks Jacob Paso ,I think find the reson why the error occurs。

When power on, the siemens and deltamotion start。 the RMC150 starts faster than Siemens cpu。
When the rmc150 start is completed,the same time rmc150 read the data form siemens cpu。 the siemens cpu send zero to rmc150,Because the siemens has not start。 see the attachment “plc not start and rmc150 start completed”

When the siemens cpu start is completed,the data Transmission is ok。

see the attachment

I think there are some quesiton
1:about 24 unregconnized ethernet log entry param 16#00000025, what’ s the meaning
2:about 31 controlling plc state changed new status run mode. that’s not correct. because from the data from plc deciding ,the plc dont start at that time。
3: how to Avoid this case。

detail see the attachment about event log
3.rmcelog (28 KB)

thank you,Jacob Paso
can you answer the question 2 and 3?

2: From the RMC’s perspective, the state was formerly unknown. When the connection established, it changed to a known value, which is RUN. It is understood that when this message occurs when the connection is made, it does not mean the PLC actually changed to RUN mode.
3: This case does not matter. It is only an Event Log entry.