about synchronized two axises

I Want to synchronized two axises,but the two axises don’t in the same position.
Current i put the two axises in the different rmc150,because the two axises are Too far away,i cant put the axises in the same rmc150.
In this case, how can i good control the two axises synchronized ? what can i do?

Exactly what kind of synchronization do you need? In addition to being at different position, will the axes be moving different distances? Do they need to start and end the moves at the same time?

You can possibly calculate the commanded speeds and accelerations such that the axes take the same time to move their respective distances. Then, command both axes to start at the same time, and the moves will be synchronized. In the RMCTools help, in the Move Absolute topic, there is a section called Moving in a Given Time that explains one method of moving in a given time.

I need two axises moving same distance, In the running process, possible the position error smaller is better。 if the following error is too large,the product may
be damage。 I read the manual of rmc, if the two axisew are in the same rmc150, the Command: Sync Move Relative (14) can solve 。 but in the different rmc150,
the two axises can‘t use the Command: Sync Move Relative (14) 。

the not only the target position asked precise but also the process 。

One method is to simultaneously send identical Move Absolute commands to the RMCs. This will generate identical target profiles. Each RMC can monitor the Following Error, and if it exceeds the limit, notify the other RMC to stop.