About Tuning Position Axis --Commissioning parameter order

When the auto tuning is complete。I want to adjust the parameter of tune。
What is the order of commissioning?

You can use slider bar in the Gain Calculator. Otherwise, if you want to manually change the values, there is no specific order. It can be difficult to know what to change. Usually, I start by making sure the feed forwards are correct. I do this by adding the integral term to the plot and adjusting the feed forwards so the integral term is minimized. Sometimes, if manual tuning is needed, it is easier to start the manual tuning process from the beginning.

I do not understand the red color part, Can you talk about it in more detail ?

On a hydraulic cylinder, the velocity is proportional to the Control Output. Therefore, if we command a certain velocity, we can calculate approximately how much Control Output is needed. This is what the velocity feed forward does. It provides Control Output proportional to the Target Velocity. If the Feed Forward values are correct, the other gains will not have to do so much. In the plot, if we include the Integral Term, we can tell how good the feed forwards are. If the Integral Term is very low, the feed forwards are correct. If the Integral Term is high, the feed forwards are not correct.

The acceleration feed forward is like the velocity feed forward, but is based on the Target Acceleration.