About tuning

1:Before the tuning, relationship of the volts and velocity must be found or not?
2: Hydraulic Engineer Provided data to electric Engineer ,including what?

  1. It is certainly very useful to know the relationship between the voltage and the flow, but it is not necessary to know that in order to tune the system. The tuning process will implicitly take care of this. If the valve is non-linear, the valve flow-versus-voltage characteristics needs to be known, but only in percentage of flow, not in position units per second.

  2. The hydraulic engineer needs to guarantee to the electrical engineer that the hydraulic system can achieve the required speeds and accelerations. This requires the hydraulic engineer to know the component sizing, component frequency responses, and any response delay times (such as overlapped spools causing spool travel delay). The hydraulic engineer should also provide full schematics and component part numbers in case the electrical engineer needs to contact Delta technical support, because Delta will very likely ask for such information.

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1:What is the relationship of component frequency responses and loop time?

For most hydraulic systems, a loop time of 1 millisecond is sufficient. For very small systems, with very high frequency-response valves, a faster loop time may be need, such as 0.5 millisecond or even 0.25 millisecond.

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Can you give me a axample about red part?
i want to konw how much frequency response of value , the loop time need 0.5 or 0.25millisecond

I think the required loop time has more to do with the frequency components of the motion profile, rather than having to do with the valve.
For example, if you want to do a sinusoidal waveform at 50 Hz, that means that one period is 20 msec. At a loop time of 1 msec, there would be 20 samples per period. At a 0.25 msec loop time, there would be 80 samples per period, which makes it easier to control the sinewave. It is very difficult to quantify exactly how many samples are needed for good control.