about value out of range

When the rmc150 power on, in the event log ,there is a error of value out of range. see the attachment.
In the axis seting. the open loop halt ramp=1.0 form plc. i see the open loop halt ramp parameter ,the data is in correct range.

Why the error occur?
the event log see the attachment
3.rmcelog (28 KB)

Are you sure the PLC is not writing zero to that register? I see that zero is being written to all the other registers.

thanks , i think i find the reason.

When power on, the siemens and deltamotion start。 the RMC150 starts faster than Siemens cpu。
When the rmc150 start is completed,the same time rmc150 read the data form siemens cpu。 the siemens cpu send zero to rmc150,Because the siemens has not start。 see the attachment “plc not start and rmc150 start completed”

When the siemens cpu start is completed,the data Transmission is ok。