Almost perfect individual tuning that wont work well in sync

I got it doing okay. I got some great help here. I have 2 sets of 5 axes synced together.I had to use the wizard and plots to tune them. I think its because the rod side does the work. Anyone would be confused as I entered plots into the wizard and received drastic changes. Actually try try and try again the wizard hits it. So each axis profile was real different but ended up great, might be a mechanical differences . Once I synced then together… not good. I need advice on how to make different profiles want to sync together.

Could you post some plot files? There shouldn’t really be much difference between synched and nonsynched unless there are mechanical issues.

Yea, looks like there is. I do an open loop command all the same, and within the 12 feet of travel the like axes differ randomly 3 feet.