April 14, 2020 - Delta Hydraulic Press Webinar

How to use an RMC motion controller and RMCTools software to precisely control position, pressure/force, or seamlessly transition back and forth between the two. Presented by Delta Application Engineer David McNichol on Tuesday, April 14th.

This was a great and very educative webinar. I have a few questions though. I’m not sure why at 17:30 all actuators changed position when 5% change is entered for axis1.

How axisN in position state (27:05) is determined in case position feedback is analog continuous signal with finite resolution? There must be some % or ppm tolerance between target and actual value. I wonder if its configurable.

Once again, it’s a great and very informative video.

Thank you.

Hi Pandiani - I am glad you enjoyed the presentation! I have asked @dmcnichol, the presenter to comment on the simulation you mention at 0:17:30 - I do not know the answer immediately.

Regarding your comment about analog feedback - each input module for the RMC motion controller family has slightly different A-to-D converter resolution, from 12 to 18 bits, with oversampling possible. Here is a link to the Help discussion of analog feedback resolution.

I hope this is useful!

Hi Pandiani,

Glad you enjoyed the webinar and great questions! At 17:30, the reason all axes changed when we issued a direct output command to axis1 is because they were still geared from before our class. They were basically geared together in the way that is shown at the end of the presentation, where Axis2 is the outerloop and receiving the average position of Axis0 and Axis1, and Axis0 is following the velocity command or voltage given by Axis2. These things together create movement in the other axes. Again very glad you enjoyed the material.

Let us know if you have have any more questions!

Hello and thank you for the reply. I have found out the answer to my question after watching other webinars.
The axis(N) position state is determined by the Axis Status bit i.e. when “In Position” bit is set. This bit is SET when actual feedback position is within “In Position Tolerance” and this value can be configured by the user.
Thanks again for the great webinars.