Auto Plot Upload Example in VB

Attached is the source code and an executable for a VB program that can automatically upload plots from the RMC. All you need to do is enter the IP address, RMC type, and the desired plot template number. Click the Auto Plot Upload button and the program will continuously poll the RMC for a newly uploaded plot for the given plot template and upload, display and save the plot as a .rmcplots file that can be opened in RMCTools. Or, use the Single Plot Upload button to upload a plot on demand. RMCLink needs to be installed as well, of course

You should first set up the plot in the RMC. Make sure to include only items with a REAL data type. For example, don’t include the Status Bits in the plot.

To run the executable, extract Plot Monitor.exe and RMCLink.Interop.dll from the zip file, place them in the same folder, then run the .exe file. (504.8 KB) (41.1 KB)