Automation Direct 2000 series PLC with a RMC75E

Has anyone used a combination of Automation Direct 2000 series PLC with a RMC75E?
The intent is to issue the program triggers via the variable table or indirect data map. Our choice of controller is AB where it is 2nd nature to me, have never used a Automation Direct PLC or programmed one.


We have used the 3000. Attached is an example project made with the AutomationDirect programming software for the 3000. It appears that the 2000 is very similar. I believe the example uses Modbus/TCP. I have found the 3000 to be easy to use, and expect the 2000 to be the same. (12 KB)

Thanks Jacob, figured you might have something. I’ll let you know how it goes.

For anyone else considering the Automation Direct P2000 or P3000 series PLC to use with the RMC series controllers they now support Ethernet I/P communications. Communication is a simple to setup with Cyclic I/O links and performs very well, and the value cant be beat. I have integrated 6 systems now with this combination (I have one system with 3 X RMC151E controllers and a P3000 PLC).