Balluff BTL7 with MTS Magnet

Balluff BTL7 transducers can be tuned to read an MTS magnet. This feature comes at the cost of speed, the update frequency is substantially slower then normal.

Consider the two below transducers and their maximum sampling frequencies:

  • BTL7-S5A7-M0565-Z-MA000-KA10 487 Hz
  • BTL7-S502B-M0621-Z-SA357-S140 1845 Hz

The BTL7 transducer update rate is almost 4 times faster when tuned for a Balluff magnet vs an MTS magnet. The MA000 in the part number indicates the transducer is programed for an MTS magnet.

The BTL5 transducers do NOT display this same change in update rate when tuned for a MTS magnet.

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