Basic Programming

I am learning RMC150 programming and I am working on a system that was programmed by “professionals”. The structure they have use for their programs is typically as follows shown in the first program of the attachment. They way I understand programming, it would be done as in the second program. The reason I am thinking the first program is not ideal is because the repeats will restart the commands every scan. Your comments would be appreciated please.
Document1.pdf (787 KB)

The first program follows a method we call “poor man’s gearing”. This method is used when you want to be able to change the position or velocity when the move is in progress. As long as this program is running, MRF_CmdPos and MRF_CmdVel can be changed and the controller will respond. The apparent purpose of the second step is to make sure that the axis is stopped with any commanded velocity less than 0.1.

You are right that care should be taken when sending the same command continuously. To avoid unintended behavior when continuously sending commands, make sure that the Axis Parameters > All tab > Target > Requested Jerk is set to zero.

The second program will send a Move command to whatever MRF_CmdPos is when the program is started, and will stay at that position until the program is run again regardless of changes in MRF_CmdPos.