Can Master Reg value change in middle of curve execution, and not affect the curve?

RMC 200. In user program 1 on task 1, I am using Curve Start (86) to run a curve. And master Reg is an encoder target position (which tells log length) and y axis are infeed module position for curve sawing.

And when that first curve is in execution, in user program 2 on task 2, if i do “Set Actual position (49)” to that same encoder axis and set it to position 0 to start another curve.

Will that affect the first curve, since the master register value changes ? Or once you start the curve using command 86, the Master register value (Encoder target position) will be recorded on a separate register, and so when you change the master register value elsewhere, it will not affect the already started curve execution ?

Changing the master register with a Set Actual Position command will not affect the already started curve execution. We handle the step changes caused by the Set Actual Position and Homing commands internally, so there is no impact on geared/cammed motion.

The RMC75, RMC150, and RMC200 handle this situation in the same way.

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