Changing AXIS parameters over MODBUS/TCP from HMI

I have requirement of changing PID constants like Force Proportional Gain / Integral Gain / Diff. Gain as well as Force limit from HMI using Ehternet-MODBUS/TCP .

I am able to write to these parameters from HMI , however could not be downloaded to controller from HMI ?. Is this possible ? what are steps involved ? any alternative method ?.

You should be able to write the gains and force limit parameters directly via Modbus/TCP without any problems. If you have RMCTools open while writing, you can see in the Axis Tools that those items will turn yellow, meaning they changed in the controller. Normally, the Axis Tools shows what is in the project, but in the Axis Tools toolbar, you can click an icon to view what is in the actually controller. This is useful when verifying whether external writes are working.

Can you write other items to the RMC?

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the information. It’s working now. !