Communicating with a GE 9070 PLC

Just some info that I recently discovered and figured was useful:

The GE 9070 cannot directly communicate with the RMC75E or RMC150E via Ethernet. One option is to use a serial to Ethernet converter. One possible one is the Lantronix UDS1100-IAP, which costs US $153 ( It can convert Modbus/RTU to Modbus/TCP. I have tried this converter, and it works very well with a C-more HMI, so I assume it will work with the GE9070 also.

Attached is a document describing how to set up the UDS1100-IAP for communication with the RMC150E.

For converting from serial to Ethernet for other devices and protocols, here are some products:
Digi One IAP:
AB 1761-NET-ENI:

Using the Lantronix UDS1100.pdf (277 KB)

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