Communicating with an SLC500

One of my customers is using a SLC500 with an RMC150. Is there any way to communicate using a serial interface? I know they make Serial-Ethernet converters, but I hesitate to buy any until I know that they work. Has anybody successfully used one?


Yes, this can be done with RTA’s 515RTAENI or Allen-Bradley’s 1761-NET-ENI serial-to-Ethernet interface. It allows you to communicate with the RMC150E via serial RS-232 even though the RMC150E does not currently support a serial RS-232 or RS-485 485 module. Either can also be used for connecting other serial DF1 PLCs or devices to the RMC150E.
We have successfully tried both the RTA 515RTAENI and 1761-NET-ENI here at Delta for a serial RS-232 C-more HMI to the RMC150E. They are not the only products out there that can convert serial DF1 to EtherNet/IP, but they are the ones we have tried here at Delta.

Attached is a document describing how to set up the 515RTAENI or 1761-NET-ENI to communicate with an RMC150E. Use either document together with their respective user manual.

A related topic, Communicating with a GE 9070 PLC, describes using the Lantronix to convert Modbus/RTU serial devices to Modbus/TCP for connection to the RMC150E.

Jacob Paso
Using the 515RTAENI.pdf (145.9 KB)
Using the 1761-NET-ENI.pdf (256 KB)