Communication between multiple RMC's

Presently I have two RMC 150E controllers and I use PLC to exchange some of the data (Variable table values, Error & Status bits) from one RMC to other over EtherNet. Is it possible to establish Communication between these two controllers over EtherNet link without using PLC? If it is possible to exchange the data between one RMC to other directly then I can use multiple RMC’s in standalone application without using PLC where one RMC serves as a master and can share the data between multiple RMC’s.


Vijay Prabhu

The UI/O mdoule can be used to transfer data between two RMC150 controllers. The data is transferred each loop time. At this time, only one register can be transferred in each direction. Eventually, we hope that more can be transferred.

If you don’t need all the data transferred each loop time, then you can make a program that sends all the necessary data one at a time.

The RMCTools help has more details.