Comparison of Hydraulic motor and Cylinder driving modes

Comparison of Hydraulic motor and Cylinder driving modes

Which is better for the same action with Hydraulic motor and Cylinder

The mechanical engineer told me that Cylinder was better.Hydraulic motor has a minimum allowable speed,And the controllable speed of the Cylinder can be very small compared to the Hydraulic motor.

If an action can use both Hydraulic motor and Cylinder , which factors decide to choose?

Hydraulic motors do not really have a minimum speed in theory but in practice hydraulic motors are difficult to control at slow speed because the seals are tight so the hydraulic motors suffer from stick-slop motion.
I would chose hydraulic cylinders over motors if all other things are equal.
However, we have been able to control the angle on large turn tables with heavy loads on them very accurately and smoothly. The turn table was used for testing.
Stick-slip motion is cause by Stribeck friction … ction.html
The friction is not proportional to velocity.

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