cpu utilization

is there a cpu utilization in the rmc150?
is there a suggest value limit。

Previous projects use another controller, High cpu utilization make the controler shutdown。

Yes, there is. The RMC does it’s calculations for each control loop. In the RMCTools project, expand the Modules folder. Right-click the RMC and choose Properties. On the Control Loop page, the loop time usage is listed.

It is very rare for the loop time to be exceeded. When RMCTools downloads the programming, it calculates the worst-case loop time and makes sure it is less than the set loop time.

If the loop time is exceeded, the RMC will simply extend that individual loop, and report it in the Event Log. The RMC will attempt to shorten the next loop to make up the extended loop time. It will not cause the control to stop.

I have only seen the loop exceeded because of a bug, or during development, and is has not caused the RMC to shut down or stop control.