Creating a Windows Front End to control a servo valve

I have been tasked with writing a Windows front end that enables you to modify parameters and plot a graph of the servo valves performance.
I have worked out how to communicate with the controlled, read and write values, but when I read back the ‘Control Output’, I am not getting the same results as the ‘RMC Tools’ graph.

I am writing the code in C# and have am using a thread timer to read the value.

		Static_Delta_Data.rmc.ReadFFile((int)FileNumber70.fn70StatusAxis0 + axis, Control_Output, RMC_Floats, 0, 1);

I have performed some test and it looks like I am reading values every 3mS, which I know isn’t fast enough.

I just wondered if anyone else has had the same problem and what they did about it.

Using the plot area is the typical way to get around this problem. To use the plot area, configure a plot in the RMC with the data you need. You then have two options:

  1. Capture a plot in the RMC. After the motion is complete, upload the captured plot.
  2. Trend data continuously. This is a bit more work.

I recommend reviewing the Reading Plots with a Host Controller help topic and looking at Method 2 and Method 3.


We have an example of Trending data continuously using C#, see Plot Trending Example in C#