I have created a curve (Curve Id 1) with 20 data points. I want to take the data out from the curve while running. I used Curve Add and then CRV_INTERP_Y function. I am able to get the Y axis values fro corresponding X values but the program is showing the error as “The curve has fewer than the required number of data points”. How can this error be handled?

When and where is this error occurring? In the Event Log? If so, do you have a capture of it?

Yes, it is coming on the Event log. Right now I am not able to give you a screen shot because presently I am not in my office.The error is coming as soon as I am staring the program. Though the error is there, the program is running and the output is also coming.

I am not at all sure about this, but perhaps you may be sending a curve index that does not exist in the curve? I would expect a different message, though, so I am confused. You can use the Log_Event function in the user program to dump values in the Event Log. You can use this to show exactly what values are being put in the CRV_INTERP_Y function.

You can send your program to Delta technical support and we can look at it. An Event Log capture would help.