December 9, 2020 - Using Plots and the Plot Manager

Delta Applications Engineer David McNichol presents some of the useful features of the Plot Manager in RMCTools, especially showing how to use plots to diagnose system problems. David will demonstrate a wide variety of the functions built into the Plot Manager, different troubleshooting indicators like Position Error and Current Program/Step, setting visibility of Status Bits, triggering plot captures, and correlating plots to the Event Log. There will be sections on the plot memory limits, how that impacts plot duration, history settings, and how to use plot data after it has been captured.

00:00 Introduction
01:24 Overview of RMCTools plots & example
03:43 Applications for using plots
13:10 Adding quantities to plots
23:00 Viewing plot memory usage
24:15 Capture and Trend - settings
28:18 RMC plot storage limits
32:20 Plot History tab
37:55 Tuning with plots
38:55 Standard tuning example
39:56 Tuning example 2
43:55 Tuning example 3
46:04 Troubleshooting with plots: example 1
49:10 Troubleshooting with plots: example 2
51:03 Troubleshooting with plots: triggering a capture
57:10 MATLAB data acquisition from the RMC
57:53 Newly added features
58:41 X-Y plots

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