Delay Fault Inputs?

At power up my valve controller lights up its “cable fault” light for about a second. Is there anything I can do after enabling output(67) to delay seeing the fault input until it’s settled?



You should be able to monitor the fault input in the error bits and wait till it clears before enabling the drive output. This way you are sure the valve driver is ready.

Unfortunately its a chicken and egg thing. The enable output is controlling the power to the valve controller, these things do not have an enable input.

Exactly which error is this that is set in the RMC?

Fault Input 4611/3

There isn’t really anything you can do to prevent the Fault Input error bit from turning on, but you can set the Fault Input AutoStop to Status Only, then set it back to the desired halt.

This expression shows how to set the AutoStop to various settings:

That’s my work around! :smiley:

Thanks for all your help!


I now toggle the fault inputs to status only at the end of each program and then disable the valve controllers , then delay 1 sec and send a clear faults(4). At the start of each program I start by setting the fault inputs to status only, then enable the valve controllers, delay, clear faults, then change the fault inputs to direct output.

I’ve used this method in 5 different programs. Works every time now!

Thanks! :smiley: