Delta and POV (Point of View) communication

I am trying to communicate between Delta and POV.

Is it possible to connect the two?
how do they communicate?
what data formats are used?

Yes, it is possible to use the Automation Direct Point of View SCADA software with the RMC.

I would recommend using the Modbus/TCP protocol. In RMCTools, wherever an address is listed, you can right-click the address and choose to view it in Modbus format. Use this address when accessing registers in the RMC via Modbus/TCP. You can also find the Modbus addresses for RMC registers in the RMCTools help, in the Register Map topics.

It is also possible to use the Allen-Bradley CSP protocol. The RMC will appear as an SLC/505 PLC to the POV software.

That’s great, thank you!

I am having some difficulties establishing communication with POV.

I have set up my station address in POV (IP address) like so:
(28683) being the register: F56:5 converted to Modbus.
I believe it has to be done this way but I am not 100% sure.

I have a program in the RMC already that is being controlled by a CMORE panel.
There are 16 bits/tags in this F56:5 register that the RMC uses so I know where the data needs to go.

I am trying to send data in Hexadecimal to the first 2 bits/tags.
I want the first bit to provide motion in one direction and the second bit to send it back in the other direction.
The CMORE already achieves this but I want to replicate the CMORE with POV, and not use the CMORE.

I hooked up the POV at the same time as the CMORE and tried to command some motion from the POV, but nothing happened.

I am trying to send commands in hexadecimal format via Modbus to register 28683.
Is this the correct method??

I need to understand POV more too, do you have any experience with this??

When you set up the station address it should be You do not set the register number here. The register number goes in the IO address column. You will prefix it with 4x:

Beyond that, I can’t figure out how to associate the tag with a screen object.

that works!

I can now communicate and read/write to the delta, im happy!!

thank you!

Could you explain to me the remaining steps to make it communicate, beyond the first step I listed? I would much appreciate it.

The information you gave me was perfect, It worked straight away.
to choose a specific bit you simply place the numbered bit 0-31 after a dot:
for example: 4X:28683.4

to read force you need to change it to Floating Point,
for example: FP:28805

POV has a list of codes to use for each data type.