DMCP Example for Linux in C

The Delta Motion Control Protocol (DMCP) is a simple Ethernet protocol intended for use with direct communication to the RMC75E, RMC150E, and RMC200 over TCP or UDP. In applications where none of the RMC’s other protocols are supported by the master controller, and the RMCLink ActiveX Control and .Net Assembly cannot be used, but direct communication over TCP or UDP is allowed, Delta recommends that the DMCP protocol be implemented by the user manually. This includes embedded applications.

The RMTools help contains a full description of the DMCP protocol. Attached is an example implementation in C, along with an Eclipse project for building the source. (8.62 KB)

If my operation system is windows, can i use the examples? How to use this example?

I am not sure, but it may be possible. It requires a sockets library that should be included in MinGW. If you install Eclipse with the C development kit, then it should include MinGW, and then the example may work.

If you are communicating to the RMC from a program that runs on Windows, then you can use RMCLink instead. That would probably be much easier.