Downloading large curves

Downloading large curves (also known as cams or splines) to the RMC can be a difficult task. It requires assembling each part, downloading each part, issuing a command after each part, and keeping track of a lot of numbers.

The attached 2007 Excel spreadsheets makes it easy to download a large curve to the RMC75E, RMC150E, or RMC200 via Ethernet or USB. Open the spreadsheet, enter the communication info, the curve information, and the curve data points, then click the Send Curve button. The spreadsheet can also be used to download a small curve.

You must have first installed RMCLink on your computer, since the spreadsheet uses it. The spreadsheet uses macros, so make sure the security is set to allow macros. (3.0 MB)

LargeCurveDownloader (3.0 MB)

Have there been any updates to this file for the RMC200 and current versions of RMCLink?

The attached zip file contains a new version of LargeCurveDownloader.xlsm that uses RMCLink 4.1 and add support for the RMC200. Note that I also updated the file above. (3.0 MB)