Dynamically add steps to an RMC Program?

Is there a way to programmatically add and/or remove RMC program steps from say a .NET program? I’m wondering if its possible for me to write a .NET program that would allow a user to program an RMC program from the user interface.


It is not possible to programatically add or remove steps, but I have another possible method of achieving your end goal. Assuming the user only needs to program a limited number of actions and link types, it is possible to come up with a system where numbers in the variable table define the sequence. The user interface would write values to the variable table. Then, a user program parses the data in the variable table and performs the sequence.

The attached pdf gives some more explanation.

Also attached is an example user program. Import it into your RMCTools project.
DoCmdSequence.rmcprog (6.14 KB)
Cmd Sequence Explanation.pdf (184 KB)


Thank you for the feedback and links. After review, that is pretty much how I was going to go about doing it (more or less), if I get ambitious enough to do it. As of right now, I don’t feel that its extremely needed but the ability of the technician to “program” the machine for any particular test would certainly be useful. There are certain times where a particular test, an applications engineer wants to apply so much pressure but then wants to hold the pressure for a particular time, then wait to see a discrete input, etc… So the test (program) will change and won’t always be the same. That is where this functionality would come in real handy. We have another machine here that was built by MTS (www.MTS.com) that has the ability to add steps and the technician can program the machine from an intuitive user interface. I do not know the code behind it since of course they won’t give us access to that. I will post a screen shot of the GUI later today. I was asked a few months ago by my boss to try and replicate the MTS machine and its functionality since the test machine that I’m working on in-house works in much the same manner.

The method provided via the links would certainly work for my needs (I think). But providing easy methods for .NET users to add steps and even create RMC programs dynamically would be way cool.