Enable/Disable program step

Unless there is currently a method that I have not found, provide an easy way to Enable and Disable a step in a program. This could be useful for debug/testing purposes. So, when a step is added to a program, its always Enabled by default. To disable, maybe you right click on the step and there’s an “Enable/Disable Step” option one can click on? When the step is disabled, it’s still visible in the program but maybe its grayed out or something to indicate its disabled?

In the program example here, I’m testing a step where I change the PID parameters dynamically. I need to omit this step for now since I need to run actual production but I want to revert back to this later and test it some more. Sure, I can add another step to skip over this and that works, but simply enabling the step or disabling would be nice and simple and I wouldn’t be required to add/delete steps in the program. Just a thought. Maybe its more work on Delta’s part than what its worth?



Intriguing request! It could get quite complicated if the link type is anything other than Immed. What should the program do if the link type of the disable step is Cnd Jump and jumps to possibly 3 different steps? Or if the Link Type waited for an In Position bit?


Yes, it could get complicated just by disabling a step or two in a program. The user would need to ensure his/her links are correct and that the program flows as expected after disabling/enabling steps. There could be some simple compiler errors if things don’t flow correctly too. For instance, if there is a Cnd Jump from Step 3 to say, step 5 in the example program, but the user has disabled step 5 prior to downloading, then the compiler should throw an error and not allow a download since it can’t jump to a step that’s disabled.