Enabling Full Memory Dump Files

In order to track certain application errors in RMCTools, it is helpful to generate a full memory dump file. These files are often significantly larger than the default memory dump files generated by RMCTools. However, they can help get to the source of the problem faster, hopefully leading to a patch sooner.

To enable the Full Memory dump files requires making a small change to the registry. This change adds a key that is only checked by RMCTools, and not by any other program in your system. To add this key to your registry:

  1. Save the attached file FullDump.txt to your Desktop.
  2. Rename FullDump.txt to FullDump.reg.
  3. Double-click FullDump.reg.
  4. Answer in the affirmative to any warnings that are displayed.

From this point forward, when RMCTools shuts down unexpectedly due to an application error, it will generate a more complete memory dump file to send to Delta technical support.
FullDump.txt (130 Bytes)

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