error noise

Getting a error bit for noise with rmc75 module is this a error concerning the cable from the servo card?

Is this error from the power supply ?

I guess iam asking what is the rmc module looking at when we get this error.

thanks hope this is right place for question

Noise errors are due to the feedback changing faster than the noise error rate. First check the noise error rate parameter. Make sure it is higher than any valid rate your system may move at. Next check the scal factor to make sure it is set right. These are to two parameters that may affect noise errors. However, if you still get errors then they are valid errors due to wiring and feed back problems.

thanks for reply i will check these parameters tomorrow at work.

OK checked and verified para. they fine.

anyone up for troubleshooting this:)

well today had some time to look at system checked para. as suggested .

Now didnt have access to scope to check the rmc75e signal but ran some plots while extending/retracting the hyd. cylinder with jog box. I could see some spikes on the position which in turn gave some spikes on the velocity, this occured between the 48inch to 60inch position.

I installed a spare temposonic, redid the scale with new GRD value along with offset, ran some plots everything seemed good
attempted to run in auto it faulted out with following error, so ran some more plots and the spikes in the position were back happening around the 45 to 55 inch position.

well cant see having 2 bad temposonics in a row thinking am i getting some reflection in the signal thru the temposonic causing these problem spikes , is their a filter setting or parameter setting which could clear this.
seems interesting this is happening at the latter half of the stroke.

Thanks for any help

Then the problem is an external error problem

Have I told you how much hate noise error problems today?

I doubt you have two bad temposonics. Think about it. They sell thousands of them and your system is one of a kind. However, it have seen cases were incorrect wiring caused the Temposonics to fail and each time it was replaced they destroyed the next temposonic rod. It was an expensive mistake after blowing up 8 of them assuming their wiring was right the the Tempos were bad.

This next question is VERY IMPORTANT? What kind of Temposonic rod are you using? This makes a big difference to the debugging performance procedure.

In general I recommend connecting a Temposonic rod directly to the RMC with very short wires and move a magnet up and down the rod. Make sure you wiring follow our recommended wiring diagram in the on line help.
The rest depends on the type of Temposonic rod you are using. A scope would help a lot.

“This next question is VERY IMPORTANT? What kind of Temposonic rod are you using? This makes a big difference to the debugging performance procedure.”

probe is G Series - GHT0702UD602RF

OK have rechecked the wiring, looked for and found pinout for terminations for probe for verification,
I also ran a new cable and terminated in plc cabinet for the probe to rmc75e mod.
Have run hyd. cylinder again and it gets following error at latter half of stroke consistantly, plot showing spikes still.

Have not located the scope yet.

No experience with the RMC mod. but more i read i am kinda wandering why this project went with a new plc cabinet with a high speed counter and modicon 65150 cpu and discreet i/o cards for motion control.
Seems the add on modules forthe RMC 75 could have did the job for our rpm monitoring also.

Make it easy for me to help you. I have no clue what a GHT0702UD602RF is. Is it SSI, analoig, pwm, start stop? what?

Have you tried connecting directly to the RMC and skipping the field wiring and then moving the magnet up and down the rod manually.

What about the power supply? Are you sure you are supplying the rods the voltage they require and it is regulated. It takes more current to sent the pules down the rod when it is extended.

BTW, what is the udpate time on the RMC? If you have the update time set to 0.5 milliseconds and you are trying to move out at 50 inches or more you will have trouble because the pulses doesn’t travel the 50 inches in 0.5 millisecond. For travel over 50 inches use 1 millisecond updates.

Yes, the RMC is very capable but it does have a I/O limit of four exansion modules.

what the …

I switched out the power supply to a spare one we have and i have put back the original probe,
I was able to cycle the hydraulic cyclinder in auto no errors no autostops hmmm now iam thinking
should we be looking for a specific type of power supply for this setup?

Any suggestions please post or if someone else having good luck with a p.s they using on a system right now please let me know.

Now will get operator to run it in auto sometime during the day see if problem comes back or not

ok my mistake

MDT start/stop
24 volt supply to probe.
Yes i have tried the direct hookup with probe still had problems.
This the 3rd power supply installed removed the original because it was suspect installed a new sola 24 volt supply was told this was ordered specifically for this system, problems still so tried a another spare p.s. the probe is 70 inches by the way.
The loop time if that is what you are referring to is set to 1 millisec(1000microsec).

fyi Have not ran the system in auto yet.

thank you for replys

Have you found anything yet?

Hi did run the system online in auto and ran nicely for the hour, now off and will not be at work for a week.

The new cable for the the probe was/is still hooked up i may run that permanently when i get back, I will be talking with suppliers on power supplys either linear or switched ones thinking may go with the larger linear power supply.

the new sola p.s was a switched power supply din railmounted fit nicely in cabinet.

will be sending out other probe to be tested and replaced if need be.

ps was thinking today i never tried the system without ups this maybe a factor dont recall make will check on it later?

oh also mentioned about our scope meter to ohers in dept. so maybe when i get back meter will be found :smiley:

thanks for replys

Merry xmas and Happpy NewYear

If you are still thinking about power supply’s Phoenix has 1 that monitors is voltage and current. They are very good. … _21739.htm