Ethercat Master communication card to the RMC200


It would be nice to have a Etercat master card on the RMC200.

Controllers Delta can already be used for projects that mixte hydraulic actuators and electric actuators. In those situation we use dummy drives controlled through Delta analog outputs. But it would make a more modern setup to control them through Ethercat.

It would also allow Delta controllers to read/write to Ethercat remote I/Os in smaller projects that do not require a PLC.



Thank you for the feature request. An EtherCAT master is something we have been considering. As time goes on, it becomes more difficult to find dummy drives, and an EtherCAT master would certainly improve the ease of implementing the RMC in electromechanical applications. This is something that is actually on our roadmap, but we are not able to give any firm timelines on our development.


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