Example programs for RMC75E

Hi… I’ve noticed a list of example user programs on this Forum. Have downloaded some simple ones for training. On one of my threads, Jacob published a nice one that makes a curve using a polynomial equation, then runs it. download/file.php?id=324 It’s a good example for newbies like myself.

I noticed some other interesting user programs listed in a project tree, in one of Delta’s training video’s … example: MoveAxis0, Axis1Motion, Jog Forward, Jog Backward, Stop Motion, Cycle Motion. Sure these are likely incredibly simple. Yet, I really like to work with examples that are simple … really speeds up the learning curve.

Jacob, if you are listening, would you please publish links for more examples … like the above, and add them to the “examples” list …

Thanks much, Regards, Michael

Most of the examples you mentioned are included in the RMCTools help. In the Help, on the Index tab, type ‘examples’.

Yup… I shoulda known that … Thanks Jacob